Rockstar Tans


“But, I’m not a rock star!” you say? Maybe not, however at Rockstar Tans, located in Lindenhurst, Long Island, NY, we aim to give you the same ultimate tanning experience as a rock star might get, but not at the premium tanning prices they most certainly pay! At Rockstar Tans of Lindenhurst, we treat each of our customers as the important people they are; everyone is special to us!

Your special Rockstar Tans treatment starts as soon as you walk down the Red Carpet in the salon, where you can see the many different options from which you have to choose.

Rockstar Tans of Lindenhurst is equipped with six lay-down tanning beds and two stand-up units. These are sure to get you the quickest, darkest tan you can get.

If you prefer a sunless tan, here in Lindenhurst at Rockstar Tans, we have the VERSA SPA, a professional SUNLESS tanning booth, where you will receive a flawless SUNLESS tan; and in only a matter of minutes. You will not believe you got this tan right here in Lindenhurst, N.Y and not on a beach in Bermuda. Read more about VERSA SPA, on our other page.

Come to the spot where everyone is tanning in Lindenhurst, Long Island, and be treated like a Rockstar! We cannot promise paparazzi outside, however, your tan will be worthy of a photo or two!